26 February


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This year I have jumped on the succulent bandwagon – yes, I’ve been spending way too much time on Pinterest – but with so many varieties available, they’re hard to resist!  I grew up in the Sonoran desert and they’re just about the only thing you can grow there that isn’t prickly; seeing them makes […]

16 October


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When I think of the word mutant, a couple things come to mind: zombies, two-headed snakes, hairless cats (sorry hairless cat lovers).  But sometimes the natural world reminds me that mutants can be just as wonderful as they are weird.  I have come across a couple wonderful mutants in my field:   This plant usually […]

23 September

Au revoir summer

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If something must be inferred from the infrequency of my blogs this summer it is this:  summer whooped me hard enough to shut me up!  Since this was my first main season, it was inevitable that I’d get a healthy serving of humble pie…and I did.  I put my truck full of flowers into a […]

22 June

Pepperbox poppy

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With the success of my Iceland poppies in the early spring, I decided to plant some leftover Pepperbox poppy seeds in the field a couple months ago.  Their blooms are incredible so imagine my disappointment when upon picking them the petals all fell off!  After just a tad bit of research I discovered that the […]

30 May

Beware the fire-breathing Snap Dragon

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Whoever coined the name Snapdragon was a genius!  I can’t resist pulling off a flower and playing dragon….and neither can my kids, blooms within little arms’ reach run the risk of being plucked and made to breath fire!  Fortunately, I’ve got plenty of dragons to share with anyone who might wish for a little whimsy […]

28 April

Sweet peas!

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Back in January I planted almost 400 sweet pea seeds.  I had visions of collecting armloads of beautiful smelling blooms, so imagine my despair when I woke up to find mice had dug up and eaten all of my seeds!  Well, as you can see, not quite all – they left me a modest 65 […]