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26 February


This year I have jumped on the succulent bandwagon – yes, I’ve been spending way too much time on Pinterest – but with so many varieties available, they’re hard to resist!  I grew up in the Sonoran desert and they’re just about the only thing you can grow there that isn’t prickly; seeing them makes […]

16 October


When I think of the word mutant, a couple things come to mind: zombies, two-headed snakes, hairless cats (sorry hairless cat lovers).  But sometimes the natural world reminds me that mutants can be just as wonderful as they are weird.  I have come across a couple wonderful mutants in my field:   This plant usually […]

23 September

Au revoir summer

If something must be inferred from the infrequency of my blogs this summer it is this:  summer whooped me hard enough to shut me up!  Since this was my first main season, it was inevitable that I’d get a healthy serving of humble pie…and I did.  I put my truck full of flowers into a […]